New Year Celebration

Celebrate the New Year Eve on Our Royal Cruise in Dubai

Are you looking for the best way to celebrate the New Years Eve with your near and dear ones in Dubai? Do you want to make the memories of your new year celebration long lasting? If the answer to these questions is yes then, we at UAE Yacht Share can be the best option for you. You can book a cruise from us and can celebrate the new year with great pomp and shows. Leave the stress of decoration and preparation of different cuisines, drinks, etc. on us. Our cruise can intake up to 200 of guests of yours.

There will be DJ and firework that will be adding the charm of your party. The fireworks display by us is truly spectacular and worth viewing. Believe us, watching the fireworks at midnight from the sea is a sight of a lifetime. Our cruise will have a breathtaking ambiance delicious food. We promise to make your clebration night the best one. A luxurious cruise, the great food, and breathtaking ambiance will take your level of happiness and celebration to another level. We guarantee the new year party at our cruise will be the best one you ever had. You can start the party from 9 P.M in the evening and can continue it up to 3 A.M  in the morning.

We can organize both small and big level parties for you on our cruise. So, this year surprise your loved ones with by booking a cruise with us. For organizing a party of New Year in Dubai at our cruise, all you need to do is, call us at our provided phone number.