Water Sports

Experience the Best Thrilling Water Sports Activities in Dubai

Enjoy a broad range of exciting water sports activities with your near and dear ones in Dubai. We at UAE Yacht Share presents you the best water sports activities on our luxurious cruise in Dubai. We provide the unbeatable water sporting and holiday activities for those water lovers who are seeking discovery and exploration. Our trained team will always be around you to make sure that you experience hassle-free services. Some of our water sports activities include the following:

Jet Skis:

Experience the high speed jet- ski ride offered by us. You can enjoy this new jet-ski ride for minimum 30 minutes. You will get a chance to ride along the coast of Dubai and enjoy beautiful views of the cityscape along with the famous iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah.

Fly Board

This mainly for those who want to try something new. We will provide will an expert, who will let you know about some tricks that will help you to fly in and out the sea water. It is a perfect water sport for adventure lovers. Our experts will give you a personalized session to pros and starters.

Banana Boat

Ride across waves and enjoy being pulled by a motorboat. A fantastic feature of this water-sport activity is riding it with a group of people. The banana boat can accommodate from three to six people at a time. When it comes to the speed of the ride, it will depend on the age and preference of rider.

Water ski/ Wakeboarding

It is an excellent sport for the athletic thrill seekers. It is a sport that combines water-skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. In this sport, the feet of riders are bound to the board and is pulled by a motorboat which is made especially for wakeboarding. If you are in Dubai and want to get the best watersports experience that will make your trip memorable and exciting, then do contact us.